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 1. Indian Occupation of Alcatraz in 1969, 2. The Malcolm X Mural at SFSU, 3. A group photo of SFSU students on an overseas study trip to China, 4. Canto Number Cinco Photo show, 5. Faculty and staff group photo.

Dean - Kenneth P. Monteiro
Associate Dean – Amy H. Sueyoshi

The College of Ethnic Studies was established in Fall 1969 through the efforts of dedicated students, faculty, and community members. The four departments and one program - Asian American Studies, Africana Studies, Latina/Latino Studies, American Indian Studies and Race and Resistance Studies - offer over 175 courses each semester to meet the needs of 6000 students. Our curriculum assists students complete their general education; pursue a personal interest in ethnic studies; teach subjects in elementary, secondary, community and college level institutions; or critically inform their professional and vocational skills in areas such as business, social welfare, law, and medicine.

The ethnic studies field is unique as an educational experience that redefines the lives of people of color from their own perspectives. This is implemented through the cooperative efforts of students, faculty, and members of the community invested in meaningful education who provide resources and curricula to the university and the community at-large.

Our curriculum fosters both a comprehensive understanding of the unique experiences of American Indians, Asian Americans, Blacks, and Latina/os in the United States and intersectional analysis amongst the different communities.