Raza Faculty and Staff Association

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RFSA Group Picture

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RFSA Board of Directors Elected in December 2016

Ana Maria Barrera
RFSA Faculty Co-Chair and Interim Treasurer
Academic Advisor/Adjunct Faculty, Department of Kinesiology

Alex Sánchez
RFSA Staff Co-Chair and Interim Recorder
Director of Development for Ethnic Studies, University Development

Mario Flores
RFSA Membership Coordinator
Assistant Executive Director of Programs, Associated Students

Gabriela Segovia-McGahan
RFSA Events Coordinator
Administrative Analyst Specialist for American Indian Studies and Latina/Latino Studies

Eurania Lopez
RFSA Communications Coordinator
Director, Student Resource Center, Graduate College of Education

Norma Salcedo
RFSA Archivist
AB540 Dream Coordinator, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Luis De Paz
RFSA List Serve Coordinator
Student Outreach Specialist, Student Outreach Services

José Lopez Libertad
RFSA Web Designer
Senior Program Coordinator, Institute for Civic & Community Engagement

RSFA Mission Statement

We the women and men of the SF State Raza Faculty and Staff Association (RFSA) unite as an organization to secure for all Chicano/Latino faculty, staff and students equal participation in the San Francisco State University community. As advocates of Chicano/Latino faculty, staff, and student rights and interests we speak as one voice and hold to principles that are inclusive of all persons, both within and outside of Raza, and we resolve to adhere to the following:

  1. To recognize and respect the diverse social, political, cultural and educational backgrounds that exist among Raza faculty and staff;

  2. To actively communicate with one another in order to reach consensus, respecting individual and group differences, so that we may reach a common ground of understanding and purpose;

  3. To keep foremost in our thoughts and efforts our goal to ensure equal participation of all Raza faculty, staff and students' in the labors and fruits of the SFSU community;

  4. To respect and support the efforts of other social, ethnic and cultural groups to fully participate in the affairs of the university.

Membership Benefits

  • Active participation in a vibrant organization.
  • The right to vote on all voting issues.
  • Able to request or be a sponsor member of a Fund Request for one event per year.
  • Qualify for participation at a discounted rate in some RFSA sponsored events.

How to Become a Member

There are two ways to become an active dues paying member:

  1. Through monthly automatic payroll deduction of $5.00 (FT) or $3.00 (PT)
  2. Through an annual One-time Payment per fiscal year by check of $60.00 (FT) or $36 (PT)

Contact Mario Flores, RFSA Membership Coordinator, for more information at marioflores@asi.sfsu.edu.