How to Declare a Major/Minor in the College of Ethnic Studies (tutorial coming soon) 

Major/Minor Planning Sheets - If not available, please consult The latest academic  bulletin 

Africana Studies Major Minor
Asian American Studies Major Minor
American Indian Studies* Major Minor
Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas n/a Minor
Critical Mixed Race Studies n/a Minor
Critical Pacific Islands and Oceana Studies  n/a Minor
Latina/Latino Studies  Major Minor
Queer Ethnic Studies n/a Minor
Race and Resistance  Major Minor


*Currently going through revisions; please check bulleton for more information 

General Education Planning Sheets

Plan - When did you start?  
Pre Fall 2014 (Segmented Pattern) Form
Fall 2014 - Spring 2019 Pattern Form
Fall 2019 and Forward Pattern Form


Unsure which is your GE Pattern? Check your Degree Progress Report or ask and advisor!