Senior Administrative Analyst

The San Francisco Human Rights Commission has one opening for a full-time Senior Administrative Analyst. This position is excluded from the competitive civil service examination process per Charter Category 10.104.4 and shall serve at the discretion of the appointing officer.

Under general direction, the 1823 Senior Administrative Analyst position will be responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the My Brother and Sister’s Keeper Initiative and policy recommendations for the City of San Francisco, including the following duties:

Successfully coordinate with stakeholders – Establish regular communications with all key stakeholders, including a solid feedback mechanism to regularly gather information about how the coordinating role and overall collaboration is functioning from their perspectives. Work with stakeholders to develop clear expectations about their individual and departmental responsibilities within MBSK/SF’s Action Plan and then follow-up regularly to ensure that work is on track to achieve success. Support stakeholders in pursuing their goals, helping to surface resources or cross-sector partnerships as needed.

Provide regular progress reports – Develop and internally distribute periodic reports on the progress of all aspects of the Action Plan. Identify areas for improvement or efforts that are in need of further attention to ensure success. Provide internal presentations as needed to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed about evolving goals and strategies in response to findings and challenges that might emerge in pursuit of the Action Plan’s recommendations.

Support external communications – Coordinate with various communications directors across the school district and City departments to ensure that a strong, consistent and carefully aligned external message is disseminated to the community and media about progress being made toward the goals of the Action Plan.

Benchmark other approaches to MBSK implementation – Develop an understanding of what MBK looks like outside of San Francisco through benchmarking other regions in order to identify replicable practices and models that have proven to be effective elsewhere.

Visit the Online Posting for qualifications and application instructions.