Queer Ethnic Studies Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient Bianca Louie and Associate Dean Amy Sueyoshi at Queer Ethnic Studies Initiative Mixer, June 2017.

Supporting Queer Ethnic Studies Change Agents

The Queer Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Scholarship recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students whose graduate student thesis focus on the intersection of race, gender and sexuality. The scholarship was established as part of the Queer Ethnic Studies Initiative in the College of Ethnic Studies and is funded by generous donations from faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College.

Scholarship Recipients

Bianca Louie - 2017

Bianca Louie who is pursuing a master’s degree in Asian American Studies was awarded the Queer Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Scholarship in 2017. In the last two years, her activism has focused on mobilizing and educating for queer justice and full LGBTQ+ acceptance in Asian American churches. In partnership with the Network on Religion and Justice (NRJ), she creates curriculum for churches, as well as convenes and trains Asian Pacific Islander communities to strategically advocate for queer affirmation in their churches.

Her graduate student research analyzes how North American Evangelicalism transnationally serves Asians and Asian-Americans as a site for resources, cultural citizenship, and belonging in the U.S., while also utilizing explicit and implicit spiritual violence through ideology, rituals, and politics in their “civilizing mission” to normalize white hetero-patriarchy and demonize queerness and non-whiteness.

Linda Velasco - 2017

Linda Velasco who is pursuing her master's degree in Ethnic Studies was awarded the Queer Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Scholarship in 2017. As a community-oriented scholar, her research and activism are grounded in the daily work of anti-gendered violence advocacy and guided by a queer feminist of color theoretical framework.

She currently works as a Domestic Violence Counselor and Spanish Language Advocate with the Asian Women’s Shelter (AWS) in San Francisco to provide intersectional resources and workshops to communities of queer immigrant women. She's also the prison visitation organizer for the Survived and Punished Project, a national coalition of anti-violence organizers demanding the release of survivors of gendered violence incarcerated for survival actions. Through her work, she contributes to building an approach that prioritizes community-based responses to domestic and sexual violence while actively supporting marginalized women of color caught within the pipeline of surviving gendered violence and incarceration and/or deportation.

Jacqueline Alvarez - 2016

Jacqueline AlvarezSF State Philosophy Graduate Student and Activist Jacqueline Alvarez received the inaugural Queer Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Scholarship in 2016 for her community contributions and academic achievements. The scholarship enabled her to move to the San Francisco Bay Area to continue her studies and development as a change agent at SF State. As an undergraduate student at Fresno State, she served as President of the Diversity Caucus and Radical Feminists Against Sexual Assault.

It is important to Jacqueline to be a part of a community that pays attention to identity issues. She studies policies regarding ethics or justice that dismiss or ignore gender/race/ethnicity/sexuality, categories which have shaped the marginalization perpetuated historically and in our current communities. She believes queer ethnic analysis is necessary for resisting marginalization.

The Queer Ethnic Studies Initiative

College of Ethnic Studies logoSF State's College of Ethnic Studies has been on the vanguard of Queer Ethnic Studies over the past 20 years. It has aggressively incorporated curricula in sexuality studies, implemented new courses such as “AIDS and People of Color” and “Latino Sexualities” and hired scholars working at the intersection of race and queer studies. Today, one in four of our tenured/tenure-track faculty have expertise in queer studies, and a third of our graduate students pursuing one of our two M.A. degrees (Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies) are engaged in thesis projects on queer and/or trans people of color. In 2015, the College of Ethnic Studies mounted a Queer Ethnic Studies Initiative as part of its strategic plan to mobilize faculty expertise, to begin a graduate student scholarship and to investigate the creation of a major on queers of color.

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For more information about supporting the Queer Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Scholarship and the Queer Ethnic Studies Initiative, contact Alex Sanchez, Director of Development, at alexsan@sfsu.edu or 415-338-1032.