50th Anniversary (2018-2019)

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The College of Ethnic Studies is now planning a year-long series of events to commemorate the 1968-1969 student-led strikes. Our aim is to highlight the social justice movements that gave birth to and continue to support the principles upon which the College stands, and to promote the further development of the field of Ethnic Studies.
Our first events in early November of 2018 (dates to be announced here) will focus on the future of historical and current social movements. Events in March of 2019 will focus on the future of our College and of the field of ethnic studies nationally. The two target months will coincide with the beginning and end of the BSU/TWLF student-led strike that resulted in the creation of the College.
We hope you will join us in any numer of ways:

Individuals and organizations interested in proposing and working on a specific activity formally affiliated with the College's planned event schedule are invited to submit their ideas for consideration, at right.


All friends and allies are invited to participate in any of our 50th planning Teams -- Program Development,  Arts, Student Activities, Outreach, Media & Publicity, Fundraising, Logistics, or Web development. If you are interested, please contat us.

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Are you already planning an event related to the student activist movements of 1968-69, and want to publicize your event with us? We are planning a regional 50th anniversary calendar and would gladly list your event for free.

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