AD-T Students can finish their Degree in Two Years

Students who transfer from California Community College with an AD-T (Associate's Degree for Transfer), such as an AA-T in Social Justice or an AA-T in Ethnic Studies**, can complete their major in ethnic studies in two years!

The California Promise Act is a law that guarantees you can complete your degree in a similar program within two years.

The graduation requirement for San Francisco State Studies is Waived!

You don't need to worry about meeting the SFState Studies requirements, which can be 3 to 12 additional units!

The classes you take in Ethnic Studies will prob'ly cover all the relevant areas anyway, but its good to know you have a guarantee!

Follow the roadmap below for your major to complete your degree in two years

If you took ethnic studies courses at your transfer institution--in African American Studies, Black Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, La Raza Studies, LALS, History, English, Sociology, Music, Dance, or Ethnic Studies--you may already have completed some lower-division requirements for your major!  Contact the Ethnic Studies Advising Center and request a transfer transcript evaluation to see what lower-division requirements you may have already met. All five major programs have articulation agreements with California Community Colleges.

**Community colleges are working to approve an AA-T in Ethnic Studies. Once it gets approved, SFSU College of Ethnic Studies will definitely accept it! In the mean time, we'll accept the AD-T in Social Justice Studies.