College of Ethnic Studies Statement on Black Lives Matter

Image of Alicia Garza at commencment, #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor #AhmaudArbery


July 1, 2020

No doubt that all of you are embroiled in outrage and sadness with the continued violence against Black folx. We realize that shelter-in-place, unemployment, and illness may be bringing you additional worry. It’s been a challenging year for us not just individually but as a nation as we struggle to take care of one another as well as ourselves. Through the past several months we’ve seen the agonizing impact of state violence and health disparities upon our communities.

What is just as apparent, is that young people are leading this mass movement which is now igniting demands for justice around the world. We are truly in an unprecedented struggle in which there is more national consensus around the reality of racial inequality than ever before. It is in large part because of the work you do interpersonally and in organized groups. Continue to inspire the nation and the world as you transform society through protest, political reform, and cultural change.

For many of us, Ethnic Studies was where we found an intellectual home that encouraged us to work with and for our communities. We shall continue to serve our students and the larger public by encouraging critical analysis, robust change, and transformative action, and the sharing of our histories. Let’s continue to love one another, to demand that Black Lives Matter, and work to make this nation a better place for indigenous people, immigrants, women, and queers.

Amy Sueyoshi, Dean

Catrióna Rueda Esquibel, Associate Dean