Metro Academy @ College of Ethnic Studies

An environment of support. Learning in a small, supportive community of students and faculty can help you thrive throughout your first two years. Metro’s goal is to help you graduate in a timely manner and gain the skills you need to succeed in college and find a meaningful career.

Students take two courses each semester that share themes such as social justice, education equity, community health, or ethnic studies. Metro courses satisfy general education requirements for all majors at SF State, so you can go on to complete your bachelor’s degree in any major.

Metro Academy of Ethnic Studies Courses:

  • ETHS/RRS 100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies

    History, objectives, and philosophy of Ethnic Studies. This course fulfills GE area D1 and SF State areas AERM, GP, and SJ)

  • ETHS/RRS 110 Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience

    Basic skills involved in understanding, criticizing, and constructing arguments by using materials reflective of experiences of ethnic/racial groups in the U.S. This course fulfills GE area A3 and SF State area AERM

  • RRS 240 All Power to the People: Comparative Freedom Movements of the "Sixties"

    Introduction to the history and comparative survey of the African American, Chicana/o, Native American, and Asian American protest and liberation movements of the "Long Sixties" (1945-1975). This course fulfills GE area D2 and SF State areas AERM and SJ

  • RRS 250 Race, Ethnicity and Power in America

    Critical examination of political concepts, processes and constructions of power that center race and ethnicity within a comparative analysis of American ideals, institutions and laws. Includes a study of constitutional issues and state and local governmental processes. This course fulfills GE Area D3 and SF State areas AERM and SJ

The Metro Academy of Ethnic Studies supports our students in achieving academic excellence while providing a foundation for community representation through politics, law, medicine, education, and arts.

Metro students receive tutoring, advising, and support. Metro students also develop strong academic skills. They learn to write and speak with confidence and power, master mathematical concepts, and think critically about real-world issues.

  • Incoming first-year students
  • Enrolled as a fulltime (12+ units)
  • Commit to 1-2 required Metro classes for first four semesters

Metro Academy of Ethnic Studies Coordinator:

Mark Bautista

BH320C (Cahill Media Lab)