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Remote Learning Resources: 

  • Consistency is key. Reserve specific blocks of time in your daily schedule for attending online sessions and completing readings and assignments, and remember that instructors may schedule virtual meetings and discussions. Remote modalities often require extra mindfulness to keep track of deadlines
  • Don’t forget to communicate with fellow students and your instructors. Education is a communal effort and we are all in this together.
  • Take care of yourself. Frequent study breaks help maintain focus and healthy snacks maintain energy. Do your best to get a good night’s sleep and adequate exercise

How to Declare a Major/Minor in the College of Ethnic Studies Online

Ethnic Studies Majors: Academic Probation or Subject to Disqualification

What does it mean to be on academic probation?

ALL Academic Probation Holds have been lifted for Spring 2020. Students will also not be dismissed if on Sub to Disqualification. Read more about the change in policies here under "My Grades."

How do I remove the Academic Probation Hold?

  1. Make an appointment with an advisor from the Student Engagement Center
  2. Print this form and fill out parts 1 and 2 before your advising appointment 
  3. SEC will go over paperwork, make recommendations, referrals, and advisors sign off on Advisor lines. 
  4. Take paperwork to be signed by your department chair 
  5. Bring back to EP #117 to the SEC office to remove hold. 

Academic Disqualifcation: 

Academic Disqualification is when students have been dismissed from the University due to continued low academic standing. If you are in this situation and are interested in coming back to San Francisco State, please set up an appointment with an SEC advisor to discuss next steps. 

Special Consideration: Disqualified students with GPA below a 2.0 may qualify to return to San Francisco State through special consideration if they meet specific criteria. Advisors are more than happy to discuss it as an option. Click here for more information on Special Consideration. 


Additional Resources: 


Major/Minor Planning Sheets - If not available, please consult The latest academic  bulletin 

Africana Studies Major Minor
Asian American Studies Major Minor
American Indian Studies* Major Minor
Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas n/a Minor
Critical Mixed Race Studies n/a Minor
Critical Pacific Islands and Oceana Studies  n/a Minor
Latina/Latino Studies  Major Minor
Queer Ethnic Studies n/a Minor
Race and Resistance  Major Minor


*Currently going through revisions; please check bulleton for more information 


General Education Planning Sheets

Plan - When did you start?  
Pre Fall 2014 (Segmented Pattern) Form
Fall 2014 - Spring 2019 Pattern Form
Fall 2019 and Forward Pattern Form

Unsure which is your GE Pattern? Check your Degree Progress Report or ask and advisor!