SF State Scholars Program (combined BA/MA)

Are you Majoring in Latina/Latino Studies, Asian American Studies or Africana Studies? 

Would you like to work on an MA in Ethnic Studies while completing BA requirements?

Students majoring in Latina/Latino Studies, Asian American Studies, or Africana Studies may apply to the SF State Scholars Program, a blended BA/MA Degree program, which allows academically excellent undergraduate students to complete a Master’s degree in Ethnic Studies within a one to two semester reduced timeline.

To apply, the following materials must be emailed to Dr. Martinez at katynka@sfsu.edu

1.) CV/resume

2.) Academic Writing Sample (8 - 10 pages, double spaced)

3.) SF State Scholars application form (available at http://grad.sfsu.edu/content/scholars-4-1-program). Please deliver hard copy of this form to Dr. Martinez in room 103A of the Ethnic Studies/Psychology building.

4.) Statement of Purpose (2,000 - 4,000 words, refer to College of Ethnic Studies coursework you've taken and any relevant community experience that led you to apply to the SF State Scholars Program)

5.) Two letters of recommendation from professors that can write about your performance in their class. These should be emailed direclty to katynka@sfsu.edu and to your department's faculty advisor (a list of faculty advisors identified by Department follows)

For assistance with your application, please contact the following faculty advisors:

Africana Studies Majors, contact Dr. Doris Flowers: dflowers@sfsu.edu

Asian American Studies Majors, contact Dr. Eric Pido: epido@sfsu.edu

Latina/Latino Studies Majors, contact Dr. Katynka Martinez: katynka@sfsu.edu