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Study from home with American Indian Studies

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Learn about the impact of the pandemic on Native communities.
Learn about Native political and cultural opposition and solidarity against police violence.

Understand the importance of colonization to the dismantling of Columbus, Confederate, and missionary statutes.
Learn about Native cultural teachings and practices creating another world to live in.

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AIS 100: Introduction to AIS

Introduction to American Indian Studies: the histories, cultures, identities, and contemporary issues of the indigenous American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian groups.

SF State Studies: AERM; Social Justice

AIS 150: American Indians in U.S. History

The major indigenous cultures residing in the present U.S. Exploration of regional groups, structures, worldviews, and major events that took place between the first Americans and new Americans from contact to 1930.

SF State Studies: AERM; Social Justice
GE D2 Social Sciences - U.S. History

AI: U.S. History

AIS 160: Survey of Native California

Native California from origin to contemporary times. Comparative data, adaptive strategies, and relations between the indigenous populations and European and Anglo-American contact.

SF State Studies: AERM; Environmental Sustainability

AIS 205: American Indians and U.S. Laws

The legal history that has developed between the earliest settlers and the existing peoples of the American continent. Legal and social concepts that the settling communities had toward Indian Nations.

SF State Studies:: AERM; Social Justice
GE D3: Social Sciences: U.S. and California Govt.
AI: U.S. Government & CA State & Local Governments

AIS 235: American Indians: Image and Issues in the Mass Media

Recurring images and treatment of American Indians, especially in film, television, advertising, popular literature, and commercial arts. Cultural, economic, social, and political forces that influence image and artistic expression.

SF State Studies: AERM; Social Justice

AIS 300: AIS Research Methodologies

Overview of social scientific and literary theories and methods used in the gathering and study of data on historical and contemporary American Indian nations, tribal groups, communities, individuals, and literature.

Restricted to American Indian Studies majors;
Prerequisite: AIS 100 (may be taken concurrently) or consent of the instructor.

AIS 310: American Indian Religion and Philosophy

Religious and philosophical aspects of the lifestyles of certain plains tribes in what is now called the U.S. Ancient religion, visions, and deity structures and how they have survived and have been modified by the impact of European cultures.

SF State Studies: AERM; Global Perspectives; Social Justice
GE: UD-C Upper-Division Arts/Humanities

AIS 320: American Indian Music

Relationships among music, cultural perspectives and collective and individual selves of American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians.

Prerequisite: AIS 100 or consent of instructor           

SF State Studies:AERM; Social Justice

AIS 325: American Indian Art

Contemporary and comparative examination of American Indian art, including American Indian theories of art and connections of art with other forms of cultural expression such as novels, poetry, songs, dances, and oral histories.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing; ENG 214 or equivalent.

AIS 330: American Indian Law

Introduction to Native epistemologies, worldviews, social structures, and institutions relating to customary or "traditional" law, governance, justice, and ethics.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or consent of instructor.
SF State Studies: AERM, Social Justice

GE: UD-D Upper-Division Social/Behavioral Science

AIS 420: Native Genders and Feminism

Introduction to Native genders and feminist theories, methods, and activism as developed within the United States and Canada with an overview of the field with a focus on emergent scholarship and political issues.

SF State Studies:AERM, Social Justice
GE: UD-D: Social/Behavioral Science

AIS 440: Native Sexualities and Queer Discourse

A comparative, interdisciplinary, and socio-historical analysis of Native sexualities and gender constructions from indigenous centered perspectives.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or consent of instructor.

SF State Studies:AERM; Social Justice; Global Perspectives
GE: UD-D: Social/Behavioral Science

AIS 450: American Indian Science

American Indian sciences, theory and practice, traditional herbology, agricultural and environmental sciences, methods of food production, preservation, and preparation. Indian architectural modes and thermal clothing used by tribes from six regions of North America.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or consent of instructor.

AIS 460: Power and Politics in American Indian History

Modern political and social issues arising from U.S. American Indian relations: land, water, civil, and tribal rights with underlying historical and attitudinal differences behind these problems.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or consent of instructor.

SF State Studies:AERM, Social Justice

GE: UD-D: Behavioral/Social Science
AI: United States History

AIS 535: American Indian Film

Examines how Native peoples have used film as a means of reclaiming and representing their histories, cultures, and identities.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing; ENG 214 or equivalent.

SF State Studies: AERM, Social Justice
GE: UD-C: Upper-Division Arts/Humanities


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