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Photograph of AAS Climate Justice Rally 2019

Photo: AAS Climate Justice Rally 2019


Study from Home with Asian American Studies

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Available Classes:

AAS 106 Asian American Activism

This First Year experience course trains students to become community leaders who are activists themselves. Learning from social movements in Asian American history, the class includes guest speakers from various community organizations. General Education: Area E.

AAS 110 Critical Thinking and Asian American Studies

AAS 110 is an introduction to the fundamentals of critical thinking, as applied to the Asian American contemporary experience. Skills in reading, writing, public speaking, and argumentation will be further developed. General Education: A3, SFStateStudies:AERM

AAS 210 Asians In US History

This course is a comparative analysis of the experience of different Asian American groups and their place in the general history and development of American society. General Education: D2 SFStateStudies: AERM American Institutions: US History

AAS 213 Asian Americans and American Ideals and Institutions

AAS 213 examines the historical and contemporary experiences of Asian Americans, and the impact of US government institutions. We will explore the racial and social politics which impact the Asian American experience, and our efforts at resistance and social movement. General Education: D3 SFStateStudies: AERM, Social Justice. American Institutions: US Govt/CA State & Local Govt.

AAS 322 Chinese American Language and Literature

How did Chinese Americans explore their experiences and cultural identities through their Language and Literature?  AAS 322 explores the diverse experiences and multiple perspectives of Chinese Americans as we examine how experiences of immigration and exclusion, race relations, social movements, social and cultural mores, impact relations of marriage, family, gender, sexuality, community, and identity.  General Education: UD-C SFStateStudies: AERM, Social Justice.

AAS 323 Chinese American Identities

This course unpacks the ethnic identity of Chinese Americans, and that of others, by examining the intersectional factors influencing them. These broad factors include 1) family upbringing; 2) cultural traditions; 3) race; and 4) transnational connections. General Education: UD-D. SFStateStudies: AERM, Global Perspectives, Social Justice.

AAS 352 Filipina/o American Literature, Art, and Culture

AAS 352 examines all corners of Filipina/o/x American Literature, culture, and community issues through a critical lens. This course will flex your academic and creative muscles through creative writing, literary performance, visual art and even maybe possible dance. General Education: UD-C. SFStateStudies: AERM, Global Perspectives, Social Justice

AAS 510 Asians in California

This course historicizes and contemporizes California’s developing ideology on citizenship and belonging as it intersects with social justice movements, socio-economic status, culturally competent policies, site-based activism and environmental sustainability. General Education: UD-D. SFStateStudies: AERM, Environmental Sustainability, Social Justice

AAS 595 Asian Americans and Public Policy

AAS 595 examines how the Asian American community has been shaped by American policies and how this community in turn has reshaped these very same policies. Students gain skills to become policy-makers themselves. General Education: UD-D. SFStateStudies: AERM, Social Justice


 …And Many More!


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SFSU Students:

Go to University schedule and enter AA S to see course offerings


CSU Students:

Go to  CSU Fully Online
    Choose your home campus from the list of CSUs (*not* San Francisco)
    Indicate the discipline (AA S) to see open classes at San Francisco
    No additional fees for CSU students


Non-CSU Students:

including UC Students and out-of-state students

    Register through the College of Extended Learning: Open University
    Cost is about $1200 per 3 unit class
    or call -

    Call (415) 405-7700, option 5 to register


For more information: Email Becky Mou Department Administrative Analyst/Specialist) · Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 9 am to 12 pm, 1 to 5 pm (Closed 12:00p.m. -1:00p.m.) · Phone: 415-405-3928 · Email: