Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies

All students majoring in Africana Studies will be required to complete a program consisting of core courses and electives with concentrations in the areas of the Humanities and Behavioral and Social Sciences. The objectives of the Africana Studies curriculum include developing the skills to apply logical, artistic and scientific principles to the study of culture from the context of an African World view.

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 Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies

The department's educational mission and objectives has a special responsibility to Native peoples of California and the United States. California is the land on which the university and department rests; CSU is a public institution in the United States education system. Therefore, significant aspects of the program and curriculum are focused on Natives of California, US-Native politics, and North American Indian cultures with the aim of preparing students to work with Native groups and urban communities in California and the United States. The program also includes an international, comparative perspective and coalitional politics with Native peoples of U.S. occupied territories and more broadly within the Americas and the Pacific. It balances classroom education with an active community participatory learning component. Therefore, it best prepares students for going on to do graduate work or a number of different careers with Native peoples in not only California but internationally.

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Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies

The Asian American Studies Department offers a baccalaureate major for students who wish to pursue a comprehensive program of study of the Asian American experience. The major program is designed, through disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiries and analyses, to provide students with a broad range of knowledge of the diverse Asian American communities. Under advisement, students may use two specific courses to fulfill the history and government requirements, and may use up to twelve units in Asian American Studies courses towards General Education requirements. Students majoring in Asian American Studies are encouraged to study a modern Asian language other than English.
Career Options for Graduates: A baccalaureate major in Asian American Studies can be used to: (1) enhance work in the Asian American communities; (2) enhance career opportunities in the Pacific Rim areas; (3) prepare for a teaching career; and (4) prepare for graduate studies (MA and PhD).

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Bachelor of Arts in Latina/Latino Studies

The Latina/o Studies curriculum is critical, holistic, reflexive and community centered. It is designed to develop the knowledge base and the critical skills that are necessary to pursue a variety of graduate and professional studies and entry level careers. Two factors that make the Latina/o Studies major particularly attractive and useful: demographics and the relationship of to the community.

First, there is the demographic trend in California and in the country. Raza peoples and cultures particularly Mexicans and Chicanos are rapidly becoming the majority of all groups in California. Mexican and Chicanos along with Puerto Ricans and Cubans dominate or are the largest minority in the most populous states in the country. Dominicans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans contribute to Latino population increases in many states including California. Facility with these diverse cultures and histories will be important in virtually every sector of society. Our presence impacts every sector of society. An understanding of diversity in the United States and fluency with a range of Raza histories, cultures and current issues equip our graduates with a unique body of knowledge, leadership skills and service ethic to make a difference for their own lives, for Raza communities and for society at large. Our graduates are socially conscious, critically astute, community minded, and civicly engaged with the skills to create positive change wherever they go.

The second factor that makes theLatina/o Studies major attractive is that it offers many opportunities for students who want to make a difference for their families, for their communities and for society. A career based on a Latina/o Studies major opens opportunities to contribute the development of our communities, to have a voice, to shape public policy or serve local communities in ways that can make a real difference. Our graduates are role models for the youth in our communities who are at the brink of life defining decisions.

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Bachelor of Arts in Race and Resistance Studies

Race and Resistance Studies (RRS) examines both the race-related processes that underlie many social problems and the multiple forms of resistance and struggle aimed at achieving racial social justice. Our analytical approach is comparative, relational, interdisciplinary, and intersectional. The program will 1) provide majors with a solid understanding of key theories and approaches through a set of core courses required of all students, 2) provide all students with an overview of key areas of concern, including histories of resistance, gender issues, transnational issues, and cultural production, 3) Allow students to choose electives emphasizing particular areas of interest, and 4) develop students' abilities to work in a community organizations.

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