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Master of Arts in Asian American Studies


Program Scope: The Master of Arts degree in Asian American Studies is designed, through disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiries and analyses of Asian American history, literature and the arts, gender and family studies, as well as community studies, to provide students with a critical knowledge of the diverse Asian American population. Students in Asian American Studies are encouraged to study a modern Asian language other than English.

Career Options for Graduates: The M.A. degree can be used to: (1) enhance work in the Asian American communities; (2) enhance career opportunities in the Pacific Rim areas; (3) prepare for a teaching and other professional career; and (4) prepare for graduate studies (Ph.D.) or other professional degrees.

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Master of Arts in Ethnic Studies

Graduate Coordinator: Katynka Martinez

Program Scope: The Master of Arts in Ethnic Studies is collectively administered by the College of Ethnic Studies at-large. Departments within the College include: Race and Resistance Studies, Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, and Latina/Latino Studies. College of Ethnic Studies faculty critically utilize and analyze the theoretical, methodological, and conceptual tools of several disciplines including but not limited to sociology, psychology, education, communication, mixed race studies, diaspora studies, and sexuality studies. The program is designed to prepare students for doctoral programs, research, teaching, and administration within both the public and private sectors. Both scholarly and activist engagements within the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area communities of color are encouraged and expected.

The Master of Arts Program in Ethnic Studies is an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary graduate research that empowers students to continue their commitment to social justice through both scholarship and community engagement.

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College of Ethnic Studies graduate students can take advantage of partnerships with leading Ph.D. programs across the nation to continue their education after earning their M.A.