About Us 

Bibiana A. was born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco. Bibiana grew up to attend UC Berkeley to study English and Art History with dreams of being a teacher. She worked for several years at a non-profit youth development program housed where she grew up that primarily served at-risk youth of color. This is where Bibiana discovered her love and dedication to equity and social justice in education. While pursuing her M.A. in Counseling Education at San Jose State University, Bibiana also worked in undergraduate advising with the ASPIRE TRiO Program, her work and mentors helping to further fuel her passion in student success services. Bibiana especially enjoys hands-on presentations and workshops that focus on community building and practical skill building. In her spare time, Bibiana enjoys painting, graphic design, over-analyzing movies, and reading.      

Danielle Y. is a native SF individual that pretty much grew up attending the schools on 19th Ave. She studied Psychology at the one and only, SFSU (woohoo) and continued to study Counseling at another local university. As a first generation American born, she grew up with a passion and goal to help those adjusting/assimilating to the way of life in SF while embracing one's own culture and background. Before coming back to where her passion bloomed at SFSU, she was previously working as a counselor at a local high school for inner city kids and newly immigrated students. 

Fun Fact: Her family all are SFSU alumni!