Associated Students

Associated Students (AS), the student government at San Francisco State University, serves as the official voice of students. AS promotes an enriched co-curricular student life experience and is dedicated to the empowerment of SF State’s diverse student body through a commitment to social justice and shared governance. AS provides and supports services and programs, maintains fiduciary responsibility, and engages in campus-wide collaborations and external advocacy efforts.


Culture and Social Justice

  • Art Gallery

    Student-funded and student-staffed gallery dedicated to bringing visual and interdisciplinary arts.

  • Education & Referral Organization for Sexuality (EROS)

    Through the services we provide, we promote the health and wellness of students and offer the opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of self, sexuality, and health services in the Bay Area.

  • Queer & Trans Resource Center (QTRC)

    The Queer & Trans Resource Center is based on the philosophy that all students deserve their identities to be celebrated and honored by the San Francisco State University community.

  • Richard Oaks Multicultural Center

    The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center promotes a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious University and is a space for cultural events and discussions that focus on everything from inspirational leaders to commemorative months.

  • Women's Center

    The Women’s Center functions as resource, referral, and educational program for the campus community and deal specifically with issues concerning the lives of women.

Education and Equality

  • Early Childhood Education Center

    Our mission is to assist student parents with their goal of obtaining a college degree by providing them with high-quality, convenient and affordable childcare for their young children.

  • Legal Resource Center

    Our mission is to educate the SF State community on their legal rights, helping empower them when confronted with stressful legal issues. Our on-site attorney is well versed in California law and meets with students and staff for low-fee consultations.

  • Project Connect

    Exists to empower and involve the student body to promote higher education and facilitate graduation for low income and historically underrepresented communities.

  • Project Rebound

    Supporting the formerly incarcerated on their journey through successful reintegration in a college setting.

  • Environmental Resource Center

    Our team works towards promoting zero waste, educating students on various social justice and environmental issues, hosting informative environmental events/ workshops, and providing sustainability resources for students on campus.

Events and Entertainment

  • Programs & Services

    Events production program funded by AS and financed by ticket revenue and student fees.

  • Rack-N-Cue

    Over 20 awesome arcade games to give you a break from your busy life or play anytime on our professional Brunswick pool tables. You can also battle it out during our bi-monthly video game tournaments or compete in our weekly individual 9-ball tournaments.

  • The Depot

    The Depot hosts music shows, open mics, poetry events, art socials, dance nights, comedy and improv events, film screenings, and much more.

Student Government

Run for office! Students have the opportunity to vote or be elected into the Associated Students Board of Directors. In doing so, candidates experience many influential events such as the campaign process to having the chance to use their ideas to provide for the students here at SF State.

For more information, check out the AS Student Government website.

Student Organizations

AS manages the status and funding of a wide range of student organizations. Visit the Student Involvement and Career Center website for a full list of registered student organizations.