How to apply for Scholarships and College


Every Fall semester we have a Writing is Power, Scholarhsip Workshop. This workshop is a great opportunity to find out about the process of applying for scholarships. For more general information feel free to stop by our office in the Ethnic Studies and Physchology Building, Room 110B. 

SCHOLARSHIP 101 Presentation and PDF Slides: from SFSU Financial Aid office


This guide offers an overview of the common application, and is designed to help students and their parents understand how to best use it. You can see the guide here:

How to Apply for College with the Common App

This resource covers what the common app is, how it works and the benefits of using it. There’s a section answering common questions and another all about how to nail the common app essay. There’s also expert advice to help avoid common mistakes and a useful map search tool showing the best online schools that accept the common app.