High School Outreach

(Unity High school- from Oakland)

One of our main goals as Studio 68 is to encourage high school students to pursue higher education, speficially those from low-income backgrounds or communities of color that often face many obstacles when going to college. By connecting with various schools and districts in the Bay Area, we conduct panels and high school tours that are dedicated to informing students about activism on campus as well as the resources that are often overlooked in the regular campus tours. 

Through the panel of college students, normally lasting 30 minutes to an hour, interns explain what has lead them to higher education, how they stay in school, what motivates them, commuting, general advice about navigating college and finally opening up for a Q&A from students. 

If you're interested in bringing your students for a tour or a student panel:

please contact us at 68Empowerment@gmail.com.