Intern or Volunteer for STUDIO 68



Offers internships for students interested in earning units to staff the Center, receive training about the Center's resources and assist with promoting ethnic studies, human rights and justice.

As an intern or volunteer, we are responsible for:

  • Staffing the Center
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Events/Workshops
  • And More...

Intern Requirements

  • Mandatory weekly meeting (Fall 2020: Wednesday 1-3pm via Zoom)
  • Enroll in class for 1-3 units
  • Attend weekly office hours for 1-3 hours depending on units
  • Help to produce and facilitate one major event
  • Become an expert at mission and services offered by STUDIO 68
  • Participate in all events, workshops, monthly tabling, outreach, office tasks, classroom announcements and other related tasks.
  • And more…

please contact us at