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About the College of Ethnic Studies

Established in 1969, the College of Ethnic Studies offers a unique experience that continues to redefine the study of African Americans, American Indians, Arab and Muslim Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos. A wide variety of courses provide a multidimensional examination of these groups' historical, philosophical and political foundations. Many courses fulfill general education and other graduation requirements and include community-based learning activities that link issues of the past with today's communities of color.

The number of students who major, minor or take courses in the College has continued to grow to more than 6000 per semester. Students know that employers want employees who have strong and positive backgrounds in ethnic studies.

Students and faculty at a College event
Students, faculty, and staff at a College event

Class Listings

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Africana Studies

American Indian Studies

Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas

Asian American Studies

Ethnic Studies

Latina/Latino Studies

Race and Resistance Studies


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