Advising Services

Appointments can be made by sending a message on our inquiry form or calling our office for:

    • Academic Probation Advising
    • Petition Consultation
    • Career Prep and Planning
    • General Education
    • Major Exploration
    • Graduation Requirement Check
    • Resume and Cover Letter Help
    • Professional Development
    • University Policies and Procedures


The goals of academic advising include helping students:

  • clarify their life and career goals;
  • develop suitable educational plans;
  • select appropriate courses and complementary educational experiences;
  • interpret institutional requirements;
  • enhance their awareness of available educational resources (such as internship opportunities, honors, and tutoring programs);
  • evaluate their progress toward established goals;
  • assist them in completing degree requirements in a timely manner;
  • develop decision-making skills;
  • reinforce their self direction;
  • seek out and use support services in the institution and the community;
  • collect and distribute data regarding student needs, preferences and performance for use in making institutional decisions and policy.