Transfer Students

The College of Ethnic Studies is proud to partner with California Community Colleges to create pathways for Transfer Students to get their Bachelor's Degrees at San Francisco State University. All of the majors in the College of Ethnic Studies are forty units or less. This means that all transfer students can complete their degrees within two-years, with some careful selection of classes.


Frequently Asked Questions

All of our major programs are compact! Depending on what courses you completed before transferring, you may already have completed some requirements for the Major.

If you took courses at your transfer institution--in African American Studies, Black Studies, Chicana/o Studies, La Raza Studies, Latina/o Studies, Asian American Studies, American Indian Studies, Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies, or Ethnic Studies--you may already have completed some lower-division requirements for your major!  Contact the Ethnic Studies Advising Center and request a transfer transcript evaluation to see if you have already met your Intro courses and lower division humanities and social science requirements for the major. All five major programs have articulation agreements with California Community Colleges.

  1. Transfer Roadmap for BA in Africana Studies
  2. Transfer Roadmap for BA in American Indian Studies
  3. Transfer Roadmap for BA in Asian American Studies
  4. Transfer Roadmap for BA in Latina/Latino Studies
  5. Transfer Roadmap for BA in Race and Resistance Studies