REACH is partnering with local high schools and community colleges to support local students with culturally responsive outreach workshops and events. Lolo Finau-Cruz, the REACH Outreach Specialist and Peer Mentors are developing multiple culturally responsive workshops on applying to, funding, navigating, and surviving college.


Each Program below runs approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Contact: finaucr@sfsu.edu


Ethnic Studies Workshop: Students will learn the history of the Black Student Union and  Third World Liberation Front Strike, as well as the 2016 Ethnic Studies Hunger Strike. Through learning the legacy of Ethnic Studies at SFSU, they will (re)define the strengths students and youth have in their communities.


Legacy Tour: Student Legacy tour is an Ethnic Studies focused tour, where high school and community college students will explore campus and learn about the murals on campus, and resources that were created from the strikes.


College Success Workshop: SFSU and hosting school will discuss and develop a college success workshop that is tailored to the students. This can include various topics such as financial literacy, understanding college, and college resources. 


RAP Session: RAP Sessions sessions are spaces in which students dialogue and reflect on a situation or issue, and create critical solutions to confront the problem.  (RAP Sessions are held with student groups from 5- 20 students.)

Student Resource Panel: Speak to students, faculty, and staff about their time in higher education. They will be able to provide your group with knowledge, resources, and experience to help students navigate college.



To organize a campus visit or a presentation in your class, please contact our Outreach Specialist, Lolo Finau-Cruz at finaucr@sfsu.edu

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High School Students exploring Student Resources on Campus in the Cesar Chavez Student Center Building
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